Consulting Services to Help Your Business Succeed

New Vista Research, Inc. offers technical consulting services such as research and development, computer models of physical processes, product design and optimization, and research information. Our staff has a wide range of experience in mechanical, chemical, aerospace, and biological engineering, as well as the physical sciences. Some of our previous clients include NASA, Department of Energy, US Navy and Air Force, Ford, GM, and 3M.

Computer Model Development

  • Virtual testing of new products
  • System / Product optimization
  • Thermal, structural, fluid dynamics, chemical, electromagnetic modeling

Engineering / Research Consulting

  • Contract engineering
  • Product development
  • Technical solutions
  • SBIR/Govt/Military proposal writing

Research Information Services

  • Find out the latest research related to your products and services
  • Review of Academic / Industry Journals and Patents
  • Generate new ideas and technical breakthroughs

Legal Technical Support

  • Technical research analysis
  • Engineering computer models of cases for evidence
  • Movie animation for compelling visual evidence
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